Maarit Hänninen

Born under the northern lights, I am Maarit Hänninen, a Finnish artist who now calls Amsterdam home. My love for art and creating was sparked at a young age, yet it took years for me to realize its role in my life and gather the courage to follow this path. Along the path, I have found myself and my slice of the world.

Art school introduced me to the world of printmaking, and over the years, I came to appreciate the beauty of this medium. The feeling of linoleum and carving tools, the smell of ink and paper, the sound of the press rolling across the plate - together, these elements create a blend that feeds my love for various creative disciplines and art forms.

My work is a reflection of the landscapes that have shaped me: the somber forests and lakes of Finland and the flowering gardens and parks of Holland. I'm drawn towards the beauty that lies in the shadows, the bittersweet, the unknown, and our connection to nature.

Every piece I create is like a window into my dreams, and I am honored to share this dream with others - to create something that speaks to the heart and inspires the soul.

To discover more about my art and printmaking, follow me on Instagram and explore my YouTube channel. For more details about my creative process and frequently asked questions, visit my website's FAQ page. If you wish to collaborate, commission a piece, or have any inquiries, feel free to reach out through my Contact page.

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