Do you ship overseas? 

I most certainly do! Orders above 100 € are shipped free of charge.

When will my order be shipped? 

Orders are usually sent out within 5-10 business days from the Netherlands, and the shipping time depends on the destination.

I would like to have your work done as a tattoo. Is that possible? 

Please read this page.

What is linocut? 

Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a design is carved into a block of linoleum (lino) and used as a stamp to create multiple impressions of the same design. The process is carried out by hand, and the resulting prints, called linocuts, carry their unique characteristics and are considered original pieces of art.

What inspires your artwork?  

My love for nature, plants, and animals is strongly present in my work. I draw inspiration from folk art and tattoo art, among others.

Do you offer printmaking workshops? 

I am currently not offering workshops.

Do you make re-prints of your old prints? 

I work mainly with limited editions, meaning that once an edition is sold, there won't be any new prints of the same exact design.

I want to order a custom piece from you. Do you accept commissions? 

I do accept commissions from time to time, mainly for businesses. Please email me for more details.

How do I care for my new print?

Framing is recommended to ensure your print stays in the best condition without yellowing or losing colors. Keep the print at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Avoid high humidity and contact with acidic materials. The print shouldn't come into direct contact with the glass as it may cause condensation at the point of contact.

Were you unable to find the answer to your question? You can get in touch through the Contact page.