The Artist


Handmade block prints by Maarit Hänninen
Maarit Hänninen creates limited-edition ornamental art prints with traditional printmaking techniques. 
Her designs stem from the dark northern evergreen forests and the blooming fields of the low lands, mirroring the traveled paths and seasons of her life.
Maarit's work is filled with lush florals and graceful creatures immersed in mystery and melancholy. Her way of joining delicate themes with prevailing dark tones and natural textures forms a body of work that feels novel yet strangely familiar. It bears resemblance to various folk-art styles, old-school tattoos, mehndi, and medieval scrollwork. 
All of Maarit’s prints are designed, carved, and pressed by hand at her Amsterdam-based studio. She endorses sustainability and quality through all stages of her work, thereby paying homage to her biggest inspiration, Mother Nature. 
About the artist
Maarit Hänninen is a Finnish artist and linocut printmaker. 
She discovered her passion for art in her mid-twenties and later chanced upon printmaking during her studies at the Liminka School of Arts, Finland. Having always loved crafts, Maarit was drawn to the multidisciplinary nature of printmaking. 
Maarit is currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she is enjoying her life as a full-time artist. 
You can learn more about Maarit’s work and printmaking process by checking her FAQ page, Instagram, and YouTube channel, or by getting in touch with her through the Contact page.